I am fat and I am not ashamed!

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Seeing posts about @JCPenney ‘s Manhattan storefront window with new mannequins. I love it! :D

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Two years ago when I moved into my very first very own apartment, I had planned to crack open a bottle of champagne fir myself to celebrate. However, at the time, my move in date landed smack dab in the middle of a class project where I had vowed to give up alcohol for a few months. So instead, I got a bottle of sparkling grape juice and celebrated anyway! Tonight is my last night (alone) in my apartment. I decided I needed to bookend the experience with another bottle of sparkling grape juice. A108 means more to me than anyone could know. Despite the dastardly Elephant Family aboce me who tested my last nerve, I loved this little place. What it signifies will always hold a special place in my heart. Cheers to my years of finding myself all by myself and to the exciting new chapters ahead! ♡

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Missing my girls. Wish I would be counting down to MOE with them. Next year! #hanson #soundoflight @kitra85 @megyake

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Surprise graduation gift! #masters #niu #newcar #chevy #aveo

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But first… let me take a selfie. #niu #graduation #masters

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I won a free tshirt! Woohoo! Just in time for graduation commencement! #iheartNIU #northernillinoisuniversity #niu

Frozen pizza: upgraded with fresh green peppers and red onions. #notdelivery #digiorno #foodporn

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My bosses at my graduate assistantship got me a journal as a thank you/goodbye gift. Totally unexpected and totally sweet.

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